Solution - ArcFM - Version (-1) does not match

Version 3



    When trying to perform a function on a geodatabase in ArcCatalog, you experience an error message indicating that your operation failed because the geodatabase Version (-1) does not match the server version (5168).1  Or, that an upgrade from -1 to 5168 is required.1


    1:  This number indicates the current ArcFM build number.  In this example, 5168 is ArcFM 9.3 Rev2


    Error messages generated by this problem could look like either of the following:








    The Version (-1) error means that the geodatabase has never been upgraded.  Normally this value is stored in a blob in one of the MM_ system tables.  This error indicates that the blob cannot be read, or is returning a bad value.




    1. Open ArcCatalog and select the geodatabase.
    2. Right-click the database and choose Create/Update ArcFM Solution System Tables.  If you are using an enterprise SDE database, the ArcFM System Tables must be located in the same schema as the SDE system tables.  When running this tool, you must be connected to the geodatabase as the user who owns the .DEFAULT version.  All other users must be disconnected from the database.
    3. Use the Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database tool to update your geodatabase.  This will update your geodatabase version to the current version.  Again, you must be signed in as the owner of the business data to upgrade the database.  This tool also requires that there be a single owner for all GIS tables.