FAQ - ArcFM - Orphaned Version Details

Version 6



    How are orphaned versions created, and how can they be deleted?




    A version becomes "orphaned" when a user accesses Session Manager or Workflow Manager outside of ArcMap and deletes a session or design.

    An orphaned version can also be created when a design is created and opened by User1. If User2 posts the version, SDE will not let User2 delete the version after posting the design.

    Anyone can orphan a version if there is a problem deleting the version in your GIS database, such as an existing lock in ArcMap.


    They can be deleted using the Orphaned Versions Cleanup Tool. Here's how this tool works:


    When you delete a node such as a session, design, or work request from Session Manager or Workflow Manager, the deletion must be accurately reflected in ArcMap. The GIS components are deleted in the Process Framework extension, and the corresponding version in ArcMap is flagged for deletion. This flag marks the version as "orphaned" in the geodatabase.

    The next time you open ArcCatalog, you can delete these orphaned GIS components by clicking the ArcFM Orphaned Versions Cleanup button. In order to delete all orphaned versions belonging to all users, you must log into the geodatabase as SDE or the equivalent owner of the DEFAULT version. The first time you click this button, you will be prompted to login to the Process Framework database in which you are cleaning orphaned data. If you've logged into the geodatabase as SDE, login to the Process Framework database as a user that has permissions to access the Process Framework database.



    The Orphaned Versions Cleanup Tool will go through all versions in the MM_PX_VERSIONS table and look for any rows with a status of to delete (STATUS of 4), or delete version only (STATUS of 5 used only in Designer Express). It builds a list of these sessions and designs and calls the appropriate deleter for each session or design.

    For session nodes, it will delete:

    Stored Display

    For design nodes, it will delete:

    Stored Display

    If the ArcMap version deletion is successful, the Process Framework data will then be deleted.