Solution - Responder - Solid State Drives with Responder

Version 3



    Some customers have reported connection issues when Responder is installed on hardware that includes Solid State Drives.  These issues relate to MSMQ errors saying it can not reach the Responder Server.




    In our testing, it appears the Message Queuing service can be started before the network interface has completely initialized.  This causes the Message Queuing service to bound to the loopback IP address instead of the network address.  Responder may be the only application affected by this unless other applications use Microsoft Message Queuing.



    There is a Microsoft hotfix that will delay the connection for MSMQ that is included in SP1 of Windows 7 / 2008R2.  Another option is to set the Startup on the Message Queuing to Delayed Startup.  This will allow every service to start before Windows begins starting any services that are delayed.