FAQ - Designer - Process Framework Database Version Numbers

Version 9



    What are the versions of Process Framework, Session Manager, Workflow Manager, and Mobile database in each release of ArcFM?




    The Process Framework Database Updater should be run at every release to ensure that the PX tables used by Session Manager, Workflow Manager, and Mobile are all updated to match the correct schema and settings for that release.  The PX Database Updater is unlike the Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database tool in ArcCatalog in that it incrementally updates the tables.  For example, if you have a database at 9.1.2 SP1 and you are moving to 9.3 Rev2, there will be multiple upgrade steps for Process Framework, Session Manager, Workflow Manager, and Mobile for the intermediate releases between 9.1.2 SP1 and 9.3 Rev2.

    Each upgrade task will increment a number in a version table for the respective product to indicate the current version of that set of database tables.  These version tables are as follows.


    Process Framework : MM_PX_DB_VERSION

    Session Manager : MM_SESSION_DB_VERSION

    Workflow Manager : MM_WMS_DB_VERSION



    To tell what version the databases are at, look at value in the above mentioned tables for the products of interest and compare them to the version matrix listed below.  If there is no upgrade task at a particular version of the software, the version number of the database remains unchanged.  This is why there are multiple versions of the software with the same version number.

    To tell whether or not upgrades are necessary, and to see what tables are added at a certain release, browse to http://resources.arcfmsolution.com. Select Administrators > ArcFM Desktop Configuration Guide in the section for the release of interest. In the Table of Contents, select ArcFM Desktop > Set Up Process Framework Tools > Upgrade Session Manager or Upgrade Workflow Manager.


    ArcFM Version #
    Process Framework
    Session Manager
    Workflow Manager
    10.0.1 - 10.1.14866486656455129

    9.3.1, 9.3.1 SP1,SP2

    9.3 Rev 24866486650855129
    9.3 SP14039451128103035
    9.2 including SPs4039332428103035
    9.1.2 SP13536332428103035
    9.1 SP12860276928103035