Sample - Retrieve Callback

Version 4

    Versions: 9.3.1 - current

    Product Availability: Responder


    This project sample illustrates how to programmatically communicate with Responder Data Services, which is necessary when integrating an IVR with Responder. This allows your Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) to perform customer callbacks and return the results of those callbacks to Data Services.


    This developer sample creates an executable (.exe) that acts as the IVR integration. The executable is an example; you may use a different method for integrating with your IVR. The sample code illustrates how your IVR integration and Responder Data Services communicate to perform customer callbacks. This sample also uses a configuration file (GetCallback.exe.config) to share the .NET remoting information necessary to communicate with Responder Data Services. This file should point to the server that hosts Responder Data Services.


    In this sample, the IVR performs a callback for each callback record received from Data Services. The results of the callback are returned to Data Services when the call has been completed. How you communicate with the IVR will vary per IVR.



        This project sample illustrates how to make the IVR integration object communicate with Data Services to complete customer callbacks

    How to Implement:

    1. Open GetCallback.csproj and connect any broken references. The following required DLLs are installed by default in Program Files\Miner and     Miner\Responder\Client.         
      • Miner.Data.Configuration
      • Miner.Responder.Shared
    2. Build the solution.


    All of the files shown below are required for the project to compile successfully.

    GetCallback.csprojC# project containing the code to retrieve callback information
    ConsoleApplication.csClass module that contains the console application used to communicate with Responder Data Services
    App.configXML configuration file that specifies which server hosts Responder Data Services
    App.icoApplication icon
    AssemblyInfo.csClass module to support the project