Sample - Custom Class Extensions

Version 1

    Versions: 10.0.1-10.1

    Product Availability: ArcFM Desktop, ArcFM Engine



    Custom class extensions allow you to define custom behavior for a feature or object class. This implementation of IMMCompliantClassExtension retains the relationship between the DistributionMain and the CPSystem features when the DistributionMain feature is split.


    Because each feature or object class may have only one class extension it is critical that you call the ArcFM autoupdater framework for all autoupdaters within your custom class extension. This ensures that all autoupdaters are executed as appropriate. The code to integrate AUs into your custom class extension is shown below.


    _arcfmClassExtension.Init(pClassHelper, pExtensionProperties);


    Additional information about developing a custom class extension is available in the Esri online help.


    How to Implement:

    1. You may modify the code sample. This step is not required.
    2. Compile the code sample.
    3. Open ComplexEdgeFeatureClass.cs and view the GUID in the class. You may want to copy this GUID for the next step.
    4. Locate the target feature class (e.g., DistributionMain, Service) in the GDB_ObjectClasses table.
    5. Replace the ExtCLSID with the GUID from the custom class extension.



    All of the files shown below are required for the project to compile successfully.


    FeatureClassExtension.csprojC# project containing the code to generate a custom class extension.
    ComplexEdgeFeatureClass.csThis class module provides an example of a custom class extension.