Solution - ArcFM - ArcFM Desktop Requires VBA Extension

Version 11



    Error message received when attempting to run ArcFM Solution Desktop.



    (Please ensure the VBA Extension for ArcMap is installed and licensed in order to use ArcFM.)





    The error will occur if ArcFM detects that the VBA Extension has not been installed. VBA is required for certain ArcFM functionality.






    • For ArcGIS 10.1, 10.2, 10.2.1:
      • The VBA Extension is a separate installer OR can be included in your ArcGIS Desktop package.
        • As a separate installer, it will unpack in a folder of your choosing.
          • Run the setup.exe OR
          • Install it manually
            • ..\VBACompatibility\VBA\VBAOF11.msi
            • ..\VBACompatibility\VBA\1033\VBAOF11I.msi
        • As part of the ArcGIS Desktop package, the VBA Extension is located within the VBACompatibility directory.
          • Either of above steps can be followed to install the extension.