Sample - Delete History on Cancel

Version 6

    Versions: 10.1.1 - current

    Product Availability: Responder


    This project sample illustrates how to set the automatic deletion of the associated history of incidents when they are canceled.

    How to Implement:

    1. Open DeleteHistoryOnCancel.csproj and connect any broken references. The following required DLLs are installed by default in Program Files\Miner and Miner\Responder\Client.      
      • Miner.Data.Access
      • Miner.Responder.Processes
      • Miner.Responder.Shared
    2. Build the solution.
    3. Copy the DeleteHistoryOnCancel.dll to the server machine, typically at this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Server.
    4. On your server, open the SubmitRulesConfig.xml file found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Server.
    5. Locate the following section:


      <b:Property Key="ArchiveCanceledIncidents" Value="false" />

      <b:Property Key="DeleteHistory" Value="false" />



    1. AFTER this section, enter the following:

    <b:RuleClass Key="" Type="DeleteHistoryOnCancel.DeleteHistoryOnCancel, DeleteHistoryOnCancel" />

    1. Save the config file and restart services.


    All of the files shown below are required for the project to compile successfully.


    DeleteHistoryOnCancel.csprojC# project containing the code.
    DeleteHistoryOnCancel.csClass module that contains the ability to delete associated history when canceling an incident.
    AssemblyInfo.csClass module to support the project.