Solution - ArcFM GDBReplication - Setting Application Pool Permissions

Version 2



    Upon trying to launch the replication web page in a browser (default of http://[servername]/ArcFMGDBReplicationServer/GDBReplicationWebService.asmx), the user is presented with a permissions error for the base directory like the following:




    Whether configured for a local or distributed install, the application pool will need permissions to the Replication Server Base directory. A distributed install will need the domain user of the replication web service , while a local install will need permissions granted to the application pool used by the service.




    For setting permissions with a domain user, see GDBR Directory Permissions and Configure Application Pool. To set permissions for the application pool, right click on the base directory and choose Properties. Go to the Security tab and click the Edit button. Click the Add button, then type in "IIS AppPool\ArcFMGDBReplication" without the quotes, substituting the name of the web service's application pool if not using ArcFMGDBReplication.


    Set the permissions to Full Control.



    If necessary, the application pool used by replication web can be determined by navigating the tree view through Sites > Default Web Site > ArcFMGDBReplicationService, then selecting Basic Settings from the right-hand pane.