Solution - ArcFM GDBReplication - Enabling 32-bit processing for Replication Web

Version 3



    Upon trying to launch the replication web page in a browser (default of http://[servername]/ArcFMGDBReplicationServer/GDBReplicationWebService.asmx), the user is presented with an error staring with: "Could not load file or assembly 'Miner.Geodatabase' or one of its dependencies."



    This error occurs when the Application Pool used by the ArcFM GDB Replication Web service does not have 32-bit processing enabled, the default setting on 64-bit versions of Windows. ArcFM GDB Replication Web is a 32-bit application and so will need 32-bit processing enabled.




    In the IIS Manager of the replication web machine, select Application Pools in the tree view, select the application pool used by replication web, then click on Advanced Settings in the right-hand pane. Set Enable 32-Bit Applications to True and click OK.


    If necessary, the application pool used by replication web can be determined by navigating the tree view through Sites > Default Web Site > ArcFMGDBReplicationService, then selecting Basic Settings from the right-hand pane.