GIS - Supported Versions - ArcFM Mobile Services, Portal, and Tools

Version 33

    Entries in italics are supported but not certified. Uncertified environments are given full normal support, and any issues found to be caused by incompatibility with the uncertified software will be evaluated for resolution.

    Entries with a caret (^) are required components. In order to install and use the product, the minimum supported version of that component must be installed on the system.

    Please note that while ArcFM requires a specific version of ArcGIS desktop, the version of ArcSDE can differ in the same combinations listed on Esri's Help Documentation, with the exception of ArcFM Replication Server which requires the ArcSDE version to match the ArcGIS version. We certify and test only the most recent versions together, for example, ArcGIS Desktop 10 with SDE 10. We will support to the best of our ability combinations of versions that do not match, but doing so is not recommended and we will not provide hotfixes or patches to our software to support such combinations.

    Service packs for operating systems already listed as supported or certified in the charts below are automatically considered supported, but not certified, unless noted otherwise.


    ProductSupported VersionNotes
    ArcGIS Server

    10.4 - 10.5.1

    For ArcGIS Server system requirements, see ArcGIS for Server System Requirements

    For online mobile access to GIS data, you must either open port 6080 on the ArcGIS Server box or install WebAdapter.

    IDs and relationship classes in the geodatabase must be based on global IDs.

    ArcFM Object ReaderAlign with ArcGIS Server version
    ArcFM Mobile Services (Sync & Redlining)

    Windows Server 2016 64-bit

    Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit

    Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64-bit

    Web-accessible server with HTTPS protocol

    Minimum 4GB RAM

    Minimum 10GB hard drive

    Minimum 1.6GHz CPU

    .NET 4.7+

    Recommend ArcFM Mobile Services are installed on separate server from ArcGIS Server.

    Hard drive requirements depend on the size of replicas that will be shared with mobile users. For example, if there are 10 regions in the utility service territory, each with a 1GB replica, then at least 10 GB hard drive is required. This storage can also be on a network share.

    IDs and Relationship classes in the geodatabase must be based on global IDs.

    Redlining requires a dataset with a storage type of ST_GEOMETRY or SDO_GEOMETRY for Oracle databases or GEOMETRY for SQL Server databases. If your geodatabase uses either SDELOB or SDEBINARY, you must either enable a new configuration keyword on your geodatabase, or you will need to migrate your storage type.

    ArcFM Mobile Portal

    IE 10 +

    Google Chrome

    ArcFM Mobile Services are hosted, so the only system requirement is a browser to access the ArcFM Mobile Portal. Required for ArcFM Mobile for iPad only.
    ArcGIS Desktop10.2.1 plus latest Utilities and Telecom Update Patch available here, plus Optimization Patch.
    ArcFM Desktop10.2.1xArcFM with Feeder Manager implementation is required to enable tracing in ArcFM Mobile for Windows. Feeder Manager 2.0 implementations must also implement the Feeder Sync Tool so that Feeder Manager properties are populated in the database.
    ArcFM Mobile Tools for ArcGIS

    Windows 7+

    ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 SP1, 10.2, 10.2.1

    Required only if ArcGIS Desktop users will collaborate on workflows with ArcFM Mobile for iPad users.
    ArcFM Mobile Tools for Excel

    Windows 7 +

    Excel 2010, 2013, 2016

    Required only if Microsoft Excel users will collaborate on workflows with ArcFM Mobile for iPad users
    Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and Proxy2.0 +

    AD FS required only if using the AD FS login option.  AD FS proxy is encouraged, but only required if VPN is not available to mobile devices.

    For AD FS system requirements, see AD FS Requirements