GIS - Supported Versions - 10.0.3 SP1 Responder Mobile Client

Version 2

    Entries in italics are supported but not certified. Uncertified environments are given full normal support, and any issues found to be caused by incompatibility with the uncertified software will be evaluated for resolution.

    Entries with a caret (^) are required components. In order to install and use the product, the minimum supported version of that component must be installed on the system.

    Please note that while ArcFM requires a specific version of ArcGIS desktop, the version of ArcSDE can differ in the same combinations listed on Esri's Help Documentation, with the exception of ArcFM Replication Server which requires the ArcSDE version to match the ArcGIS version. We certify and test only the most recent versions together, for example, ArcGIS Desktop 10 with SDE 10. We will support to the best of our ability combinations of versions that do not match, but doing so is not recommended and we will not provide hotfixes or patches to our software to support such combinations.

    Service packs for operating systems already listed as supported or certified in the charts below are automatically considered supported, but not certified, unless noted otherwise.


    10.0.3 & SP1Notes
    ArcGIS Versions10.0 SP2 or higher
    ArcGIS ProductsArcGIS MobileArcGIS Mobile is required to create a Mobile Map for use on a client machine but is not required for Responder Mobile Client to install or run.
    ArcGIS LicensingNone
    ArcFM LicensingNone
    Desktop Operating SystemWindows XP SP3 32-bit
    Windows 7 32-bit
    Windows 7 64-bit
    ArcFM Solution and Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 documentation
    .NET Framework3.5 SP1 with Family Update
    IIS5.1 or later
    OracleOracle 9i
    Oracle 10g R2
    Oracle 11g R1
    Oracle 11g R2
    Oracle 9i is not supported for use with ArcSDE 10 and up. Responder Mobile Client does not support client databases in Oracle, but the listed versions are supported by Responder Server.
    SQL ServerSQL Server 2008
    SQL Server 2008 R2
    SQL Express 2008
    SQL Express 2008 R2
    Responder Mobile Client only supports client databases on SQL Server Compact 3.5.1, which is installed by the Responder Mobile Client installer. The listed versions are supported by Responder Server.
    Visual StudioVisual Studio 2010