Solution - ArcFM - Upgrade Tools are not Available in ArcCatalog

Version 4



    Certain ArcFM tools are not available in ArcCatalog.  The following ArcFM upgrade tools may not be listed when right-clicking the geodatabase to perform an ArcFM upgrade.

    • Create/Update ArcFM Solution System Tables
    • Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database

    arccatalog tools.jpg



    The ArcCatalog tools were not included in the ArcFM Desktop installation. 




    Modify the ArcFM Desktop installation to include the ArcCatalog Tools feature.

    1. Open the Programs and Features (Windows XP Add or Remove Programs) dialog box.
    2. Right-click the ArcFM Solution Desktop program and click Change.
    3. Select Change in the ArcFM Solution Desktop Setup window and click Next.
    4. Under the ArcFM Desktop node, click ArcCatalog Tools.
    5. Select 'Will be installed on local hard drive'.
    6. Click Change.
    7. Click Finish when prompted to exit the ArcFM Solution Desktop setup.
    8. Right-click the database in ArcCatalog and confirm that the upgrade tools are available.