Solution - Fiber Manager - Fiber cable length Fields are not populated when placing new fiber cable

Version 6



    When placing a new fiber cable, the fields assigned the SHEATHLENGTH and GLASSLENGTH model names are not populated.




    This issue may be related to the following bug resolved in ArcFM 10.0.3.
    MM43892:  Fiber Manager -- Fiber Manager appears to require a TransitionPoint feature class, although the feature class is supposed to be optional.




    1. Create a point feature class in the Fiber Dataset. Make sure the feature class includes a field of type Long Int.
    2. Convert the feature class to an ArcFM or Designer object.
    3. Assign the TRANSITIONPOINT and FIBEROBJECT model names to the new feature class.
    4. Assign the POINTLENGTH model name to the Long Int field.


    Visit the ArcGIS Resource Center for information about how to create a new feature class.

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    Visit the Assign Model Names topic on the ArcFM Solution Resource Center for information about how to assign model names to a feature class.

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