Solution - Geodatabase Manager - GDBM Workspace Connection Attempt Failed

Version 4



    After entering valid SDE Connection Properties in the ArcFM Geodatabase Manager Admin tool and pressing Test Connection, the following error message is received.

    test sde connection1.jpg

    (Test SDE Connection
    The SDE workspace connection attempt failed with the specified parameters.)

    A message similar to the following may be recorded in the Miner Event Viewer log.

    2013-08-13 20:17:29,733 [1] ERROR Miner.Geodatabase.GeodatabaseManager.LicenseInitializer [(null)] - ArcEngine license is not available.

    {Name=ProdDB, log4net:HostName=testvm, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=}





    This error message may occur if the correct Esri license has not been selected for use with ArcFM Geodatabase Manager.




    Select the correct Esri license for use with GDBM.

       1. Open the ArcFM Geodatabase Manager Admin tool.
       2. Click the Licenses tab.
       3. Select the appropriate Esri license and click Apply.
       4. Test the SDE database connection again.

    GDBM Licenses.jpg