Solution - ArcFM - Unable to Post Session Because User Lacks Permission to Create Tables

Version 5



    The following error message is received when attempting to post a session.

    (An error occurred while posting this session.

    Please attempt to post this session again.)


    The following error message may be reported in the Miner Event Viewer log.
    2011-04-08 11:03:19,312 [1] WARN [(null)] - mmFrameworkUtils:
    Unable to create logfile system tables. User perhaps lacks permissions or resources to create tables[GIS.EFELLMAN_A]
    Error at line: 1007 - Build: 9.31.5937
    {log4net:HostName=pc8, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=}




    This error message may occur if log file tables have not been created in the ArcSDE geodatabase.




    Select at least 100 features in ArcMap so that the log file tables will be automatically created.

    Visit the ArcGIS Resource Center for additional information about log file table configuration and required permissions.