Solution - ArcFM - ArcFM Datasource Wizard Fails on Stored Displays with ArcIMS Image Service Layers

Version 4



    The ArcFM Datasource Wizard may fail when processing a stored display containing an ArcIMS Image Service layer.
    An error similar to the following will be reported in the log file.

    [Starting] 2013/08/12 21:05:49
    The data source for the following stored displays, documents, page templates and/or map books has been changed (unless errors occur below)
    to the destination data source:
    DATABASE: C:\Databases\Minerville.mdb
    PROVIDERCLSID: {CDDAFCD9-7ACB-11D0-9A80-080009EC734B}
    List of stored displays:
    Gas Distribution

    The data source for the following stored displays and/or documents was not successfully set because of the errors:

    Gas Distribution
    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
       at Miner.Interop.IMMStoredDisplay.ChangeConnection(IPropertySet pOriginalConnection, IPropertySet pNewConnection)
       at Miner.Desktop.SwizzleTool.SwizzleProgress.ProcessStoredDisplays(StringBuilder swizzleStringBuilder, ArrayList errorList)
    The stored display or document may be corrupted and cannot be opened.
    [Ending] 2013/08/12 21:05:54



    This issue may be related to the following bug resolved in ArcFM 10.0.1.
    MM41759:  ArcFM Data Source Wizard -- Swizzle Tool produces error when an ArcIMS Image Service 'layer' is included in the stored display.




    Use ArcMap to repair or set the data sources for data links in stored displays containing ArcIMS Image Service layers.

    Visit the ArcGIS Resource Center for information about how to repair data source links in a map.

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