Solution - Fiber Manager - Unable to Split Fiber Cable When Broken Layers are in Map

Version 6



    When attempting to split a Fiberopticcable feature with a splice or transition point, an error similar to the following is recorded in the Miner Event Viewer log.

    '2010-12-03 14:45:01,308 [4832] ERROR Miner.Framework.FiberManager.SheathSplit [(null)] - Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    Stack trace:    at Miner.Framework.FiberManager.SheathSplit.IsFeatureAboutToBeSplitCurrentlySelected(IFeature featureToSplit)
       at Miner.Framework.FiberManager.SheathSplit.SplitSheathUsingPoint(IFeature pointFeature)
    {log4net:HostName=testmachine, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=}'

    The fiber cable is never split, and the splice or transition point is never placed.




    This problem may be related to the following bug fixed in ArcFM 10.0.1.

    MM41803:  Fiber Manager -- Inability to digitize Riser

    The problem is related to broken data links in the current MXD or stored display.




    Repair the layers with broken data links or remove them from the map.

    Visit the ArcGIS Resource Center for information about how to repair broken data links for layers.

    ArcGIS Resources