Solution - ArcFM - Orphan Version Cleanup Tool - Automation Error

Version 6



    The following error message is received when attempting to run the ArcFM Orphaned Versions Cleanup tool.

    OVCT Automation error.jpg

    (ArcFM Orphaned Versions Cleanup

    Automation error.  Unspecified error)


    Errors similar to the following may be reported in the Miner Event Viewer log.

    2010-05-13 11:57:00,811 [2148] ERROR  [(null)] - mmPxBaseUI:
    Automation error
    Unspecified error
    Error at line: 1669 - Build: 9.31.5725

    2010-05-13 11:57:00,779 [2148] ERROR  [(null)] - "Node type not found"

    HRESULT: -2147467259
    File: ".\Helper.cpp"
    Line: 298




    This issue may be related to the following bug fixed in ArcFM 9.3.1 SP1.

    MM40757:  Version Cleanup Tool -- In order for the OVCT to execute successfully, a Design node must exist in the Process database.




    The workaround is to create a Design node in the Process Manager database. Please note that the following directions assume Designer is not used with ArcFM.

    1. Log into the Process Framework Administration Tool as the process user.
    2. Click the Node Types tab.
    3. Click the Add button to add a new Node.
    4. Make sure Design is specified for the Node Type and select MMSessionManager for the extension.
    5. Select Design Deleter for the Deleter.
    6. Click File > Save on the Menu.

    PXFramework nodes.jpg