Tech Paper - Create a Maintenance Plan to Back Up the System Database

Version 2

    Deploying the ArcFM Solution on SQL Server White Paper


    You should create a maintenance plan to back up the system databases. The following step-by-step instructions guide you through the process.

    1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, expand the Management node, and then expand the Management Plans node.
    2. Right-click Maintenance Plans, click Maintenance Plan Wizard, and then type an appropriate name for this system database backup plan.


    1. On the Select Plan Properties dialog box, click Single schedule for the entire plan or no schedule, and click Change to select the frequency and duration of transaction log backups. Click Next.


    1. On the Select Maintenance Tasks dialog box, select Clean Up History, Back Up Database (Full), and Maintenance Cleanup Task. Click Next.


    1. On the Select Maintenance Task Order dialog box, make sure that the tasks appear in the order shown in Figure 15. Click Next.


    1. As you complete the Maintenance Plan Wizard, you should select options based on the needs of your organization. The following figures show examples of options you may want to select.
        • On the Define Back Up Database (Full) Task dialog box, select System databases. Click OK.


        • Define the full backup task by selecting from the various options. Click Next.


        • Define the maintenance cleanup task by selecting from the various options. Click Next.


        • Define the history cleanup task by selecting from the various options. Click Next.


        • Select the report options you want. Click Next.


    1. Review your selections and click Finish.