Tech Paper - Best Practices for the Application Server

Version 3

    Deploying the ArcFM Solution on SQL Server White Paper


    Following are some best practices you should use for configuring your application server. This is the machine that will host the ArcFM Solution applications (e.g., Responder, ArcFM Desktop).


    Use the Latest Software Versions

    For best performance, you should use the latest software versions. Refer to the Telvent Technical Support web site for information about the latest ArcFM Solution versions and their dependencies.


    Consider Using Hyper-Threading

    Hyper-Threading should be off by default for the application servers. Lab testing has shown performance gain on application servers with the latest chipsets (e.g., Intel  Nehalem-EX+); you should consider turning hyper-threading on when using the newer chipsets and observe the influence on performance.


    Disable Power Saving Features on the Operating System

    Turn off the power saving features in the operating system in order to achieve better performance.