Tech Paper - Deploying the ArcFM Solution on SQL Server

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    Deploying the ArcFM Solution on SQL Server White Paper


    This paper walks through the best practices for deploying ArcFM Solution applications on SQL Server 2008 R2. Intended for database administrators (DBAs), this white paper describes optimizations that you can make to the database tier and describes the database tier’s interaction with the application tier to help ensure a successful deployment of the ArcFM Solution.


    This section first discusses best practices for configuring the database server and the application servers and provides guidance for building scalability and high availability into the solution. The paper then looks at the options for disaster recovery. It presents best practices for reporting, and discusses best practices for monitoring the performance of the database tier and for system maintenance. The paper also provides appendices with step-by-step guidance. Implementing these best practices can help you optimize the performance of a your ArcFM Solution implementation and can help avoid or minimize common problems.


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