Tech Paper - Update/Compile Project

Version 2

    Customize Online Help Files White Paper


    In these steps you’ll add your custom page(s) to the HTML Help Workshop project you created by decompiling the installed CHM file.

    1. In HTML Help Workshop, select the Project tab and click the Add/Remove Topic Files button (just under the Change Project Options button).
    2. Click Add and browse to your custom HTML file in the destination directory. Click Open.
    3. Click OK. The HTML page now appears in the [FILES] list.


    1. Click the Contents tab. Here you will add your custom topic to the table of contents.
    2. Select the node under which you want to add your custom topic and click the Insert a Page button.
    3. In the Table of Contents Entry form, enter the title of your TOC entry. This is how it will appear in the table of contents.
    4. Click Add and select your custom page.
    5. You may select the Advanced tab and change the icon used in the TOC using the Image index field. By default, we use image 11.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Click OK on the Table of Contents Entry form.


    1. Next, you can add keywords to the index. Click the Index tab.
    2. Select a node in the tree. I’m going to add an index key called "my custom index" so I selected "monitor queue and history" because my key would come after it alphabetically. Note that you can use the arrow buttons to move the keyword after it has been created.
    3. Click the Insert a Keyword button.
    4. In the Index Entry form, enter the keyword in the Keyword field. This is the entry that will appear in the Index.
    5. Click the Add button and select your custom HTML page. Click OK.
    6. Click OK on the Index Entry page.


    Now that you have added your custom page to the project file, you can compile it into a new CHM file.



    To compile your new CHM file, select File > Compile or click the Compile HTML File button.

    1. Click Compile when prompted. You may also be prompted to save the files you’ve edited before compiling.
    2. Once the file has been compiled, you can view it in the destination directory or click View Compiled File in HTML Help Workshop.




    1. Next you will need to replace the installed version of the CHM file with your custom version. It is a good idea to first back up the installed version.
    2. Browse to C:\Program Files\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\Documentation\Help. Rename the file you’re planning to replace.
    3. Copy your custom file into this directory. Remember, it must have the same name that the original had in order for the links in the application and Start Menu to work.