Tech Paper - Add to Index

Version 3

    Customize Online Help Files White Paper


    This topic walks through how to add keywords to the index and associate them with your custom page.

    1. In the installed web help directory, open webindex.html using HTML Help Workshop or Notepad. DO NOT use a text editor such as Microsoft Word. This will modify the HTML in ways you cannot imagine.
    2. Scroll down toward the bottom of the file. The beginning includes javascript and a style sheet that do not need to be edited. The portion you will edit looks something like this:


    <a target="webcontent" href="SilverlightOverview.html">ArcFM  Server Viewer for Silverlight</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="Toolbar.html">ArcFM Server Viewer toolbar</a><br  />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="AttributeViewer10.html">attribute viewer</a><br  />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="MapDisplay.html">clear results</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="MapDisplay.html">export to Excel</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="GraphicsTab.html">graphics</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="SearchTab.html">identify</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="MapDisplay.html">map display</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="MapDisplay.html">marker options</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="ToolsTab.html">measure</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="ToolsTab.html">print</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="SearchTab.html">search</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="SilverlightOverview.html">Server Viewer</a><br  />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="SilverlightOverview.html">Silverlight</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="Toolbar.html">toolbar</a><br  />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="ToolsTab.html">tools</a><br />
       <a target="webcontent"  href="MapDisplay.html">zoom to results</a><br />
    1. Add a line for each index entry you wish to add. Modify the href attribute to point to the custom HTML page and modify the text between the <a> tags to be the index entry you wish. For example:


       <a target="webcontent"  href="Test.html">Test</a><br />


    Note that you will need to alphabetize these manually. The text between the <a> tags is what appears in the index.

    1. Save and close webindex.html.