Tech Paper - Create/Modify HTML

Version 2

    Customize Online Help Files White Paper


    You may modify existing HTML file to reflect customizations to your ArcFM Solution application. Simply open the installed HTML file and edit it using any HTML editor or Notepad. You can create and integrate any new HTML page into the help file. However, if you want to retain the same look and feel, use the sample HTML snippet provided to create your page. This ensures your page uses the same scripts, style sheets and format.


    Download Sample.html


    1. Open Sample.html in an HTML editor or a text editor such as Notepad. It is possible to edit HTML pages in MS Word, but it does all sorts of weirdness to the HTML and the page may end up looking strange.
    2. Near the top of the page look for PAGE TITLE GOES HERE. Replace this text with the name of your custom page.
    3. Next, look for PROJECT TITLE. This is the name of the online help file (e.g., Geodatabase Manager).
    4. Next, look for PAGE TITLE. As in step 2, this is the name of your custom page.
    5. Use basic HTML tags to place your content in the main body. This should reside between the START MAIN BODY TEXT and END MAIN BODY TEXT comments in Sample.html.
    6. Save your html file to the destination directory with .html extension. All images should be saved in the images directory.


    The following image shows the Sample.html file contents.