Solution - ArcFM Server -  ArcFMMapServer Checkbox not Present in ArcGIS Server Manager Capabilities Tab

Version 3



    The ArcFMMapServer item does not appear in the Capabilities list for a service. To enable the ArcFM Map Server capability in ArcFM Server, the ArcFMMapServer checkbox must be checked in the Capabilities tab for the service in ArcGIS Server Manager. This list is accessed by selecting the Services link, selecting the service, then the Capabilities tab. The ArcFMMapService capability should be present at the bottom of the list as shown here:




    The following may cause ArcFMMapServer to not be in the Capabilities list:

    • Miner.Server.AddArcFMServerObjectExtension.exe has not been run.
    • An MSD file was published instead of an MXD file. ArcFM Server requires an MXD file. MSD files are currently not supported, but will be supported in a future release.




    • Run Miner.Server.AddArcFMServerObjectExtension.exe located in   Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\Bin.
    • Check whether an MXD file was published. In ArcGIS Manager Server, select the Services link in the left panel, then expand the service of interest. The file name at the end of the path after Source: will show the file name and its type. The path is also available by selecting the link for the service under the Name column, then selecting the Parameters tab. The path is shown in the Map Document field.
    • To make sure an MXD file gets published, publish from ArcCatalog or ArcGIS Server Manager. Publishing from ArcMap always publishes an MSD file, and is not configurable.