How-To - ArcFM - Silent Uninstall of ArcFM Products

Version 5



    ArcFM products may be uninstalled using msiexec.exe, a program that is included in Microsoft Windows. msiexec.exe requires the GUID of the ArcFM product as a command line parameter. The free program InstEd may be used to read the GUID from the ArcFM installer .msi file.


    To silently uninstall an ArcFM product:

    1. Download and install InstEd.
    2. Start InstEd.
    3. Select File > Open and browse to the ArcFM installer .msi file. Open the file.
    4. Select Tables > Summary Info.
    5. The GUID is in the Package Code field. Copy this value to use in the msiexec.exe command.
    6. Format the msiexec.exe command:   msiexec.exe /x /qb. The /x flag tells the command to uninstall. The /qb flag tells the command to display a basic user interface. Alternatively, use /qn to display no user interface. 


      Example command to uninstall ArcFM Desktop 10.0.2:  (GUID from ArcFM_Desktop1002.msi)
      msiexec.exe /x {E778F0C5-0837-44D4-B92D-DC71AC970796} /qb


    • If the .msi installer file for the ArcFM product you want to uninstall is  not available, contact Schneider Electric Technical Support.
    • Additional instructions for silent installation of ArcFM products are also available in the ArcFM Solution Configuration Guide.
    • Esri products may be uninstalled using the same method. Uninstall instructions and GUIDs for Esri products are located on the Esri website.