How-To - Designer - Configuring a Move Design Task in Workflow Manager

Version 8



    By default the Move Design task is not available in the Available Tasks dropdown list in Workflow Manager. It is possible to add Move Design to Available Tasks by configuring it in the Process Framework Administration Tool.


    To add Move Design to Available Tasks:

    1. Open the Process Framework Administration Tool.
    2. Select the Node Types tab.
    3. Highlight the Design row in the Node Types list.
    4. Click Add Task.
    5. Enter Move Design for Task Name.
    6. Enter a description in the Task Description field.
    7. Leave Transition set to (None).
    8. Select the Task Roles that are allowed to move designs.
    9. Leave Visible in Task Tool checked.
    10. Double click on Move Design in the Available Subtasks list to move it to the Selected Subtasks list.
    11. Click OK.
    12. Select File > Save to save the changes.


    To move a design:

    1. Open Workflow Manager.
    2. Select the design to move.
    3. Click the Available Tasks dropdown list. Move Design should now appear in the list. Select it and click the green arrow.
    4. A dialog of work requests will be displayed. Select the work request to move the design to, then click OK.


    Please refer to Workflow Manager Subtasks for information on each subtask.