Solution - ArcFM Server - ArcFM Functionality is Not Available in Silverlight Client

Version 5



    ArcFM functionality such as tracing, locate and ordering of attributes is not available in the Silverlight client.




    ArcFM Server is not getting an ArcFM Server license when the server process runs. This may be caused by a license actually not being available, but may also be caused by the server process not being able to get the license server information. If it can't get an ArcFM license, it will not be able to execute the ArcFM functionality.




    Check the Miner event log on the server for license related errors. If there is an error in the Miner event log, check to make sure that an ArcFM Server license is available. If the license is available, the environment variable MINER_DEFAULT_LICENSE_SERVER can be set on the server to ensure that the server process gets the license server information. The instructions are here, under the Override Desktop Administrator License Server section.