Solution - Designer - Oracle error ORA-00942 Occurs When Starting Process Framework Administration Tool

Version 3



    The following error is written to the the Miner Event log when the Process Framework Administration tool is started:


    2012-02-21 15:49:46,464 [1] ERROR [(null)] - Designer Workflow Manager CU Import/Export Tool:
    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
    Error at line: 198 - Build: 10.3.7494
    {log4net:HostName=TSVMARCFM10, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=}



    These conditions will cause this error:


    1. Customer is not using Designer and has not created the Designer tables in the database.
    2. Designer components (particularly the Workflow Manager component) are installed on the client PC.


    The error occurs because the Workflow Manager code tries to query the MM_WMS_DB_VERSION table, which does not exist. The Process Framework Administration tool works correctly, but the error is written to the Miner event log.




    Remove all Designer components by doing a Change on ArcFM Solution Desktop in Control Panel > Programs and Features on the client PC.