Solution - Fiber Manager - Query Returns no Valid Edges when Using Fiber Two Point Trace

Version 3



    The following error message is received after setting parameters in the Fiber Two Point Trace Parameter Form.


    (Invalid Query

    Query returns no valid edges, please enter new query parameters.)

    This problem may occur if a field in the Trace Parameter Form does not have a domain assigned.




    This error happens when the Oracle NLS_COMP parameter is set to Binary instead of Linguistic.  As a result, certain queries use case sensitive string comparisons.




    Add domains for all fields that are assigned the FIBERTWOPOINTTRACE model name and are configured to display in the Trace Parameter form.  Another option is to set the NLS_COMP and NLS_SORT parameters to Linguistic.

    Visit the ArcGIS Resource Center for information about assigning domains to attributes.

    ArcGIS Resources

    Consult with your database administrator before making changes to Oracle parameters.