Solution - Fiber Manager - Unhandled Exception When Opening Location Editor

Version 6



    The following error message is received when attempting to open Location Editor:

    Location Editor Unhandled Exception.jpg

    (Unhandled Exception
    Error: cslFeatTab.IMMFeatureTab_FeaturesList:
    Object variable or With block variable not set
    Error at line: 177 - Build: 10.10.276
    Error occured at:  at Miner.Interop.IMMFeatureTab.get_FeaturesList()
    at Miner.Desktop.TOC.FeatureTab.get_FeaturesList()
    w(List `1 features))




    This issue may be related to a bug resolved in ArcFM 10.1.1.
    The error occurs when the map is loaded from an MXD file.



    If you plan to use the Location Editor, load the map from a stored display.

    Visit the ArcFM Solution Resource Center for information about how to save a map as a stored display.

    ArcFM Solution Resource Center