Solution - ArcFM - Unable to Split Conductor After Using Phase Swap Tool

Version 5



    Unable to split conductor with fuse or switch.  The feature is not placed.  The problem occurs after using the phase swap tool.

    In some cases, the following error message may be received:



    Unable to cast object of type 'System._ComObject' to type



    Error messages similar to the following may be reported in the Miner Event Viewer log:
    2013-05-20 11:37:06,454 [1] ERROR  [(null)] - "AutoUpdater failed: ArcFM Segment Split
    On Object Class: Fuse
    On Event: mmEventFeatureCreate"
    HRESULT: -2147467262
    File: "MMAutoUpdater.cpp"
    Line: 810
    {log4net:HostName=w7-64, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=}

    2013-05-20 11:08:18,939 [1] ERROR  [(null)] - "Failed to split feature"
    HRESULT: -2146827858
    File: "D:\root\source\com\Components\MinerObjects\Include\MMProposedObjectImpl.h"
    Line: 1238
    {log4net:HostName=w7-64, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=}




    This issue may be related to the following bug resolved in ArcFM 10.0.3 SP1 and 10.1.
    MM51174:  AutoUpdaters -- 'ArcFM Segment Split' AU fails after Phase Swap





    Bug is resolved in ArcFM 10.0.3 SP1 and 10.1