Solution - ArcFM - Trace Options Not Available on Toolbar

Version 6



    ArcFM trace options are not available (or remain greyed out) on the toolbar.  This problem may occur for the following toolbars.

    • ArcFM Electric Traces
    • ArcFM Water Traces
    • ArcFM Gas Isolation Traces
    • ArcFM Gas Traces
    • ArcFM Water Isolation Traces
    • ArcFM Water Traces


    electric traces.jpg

    (ArcFM Electric Traces toolbar)




    This problem may occur if the geometric network, selected on the Utility Network Analyst toolbar, is incorrect for the trace to be performed.  For example, options will not be available in the ArcFM Electric Traces toolbar, if a gas network is selected.




    Select the correct geometric network on the Utility Network Analyst toolbar. 

    1. Launch ArcMap.
    2. Click Customize on the menu and then Toolbars.
    3. Enable the Utility Network Analyst toolbar.
    4. Select the correct geometric network for the trace.

    Utility Network Analyst Toolbar.jpg