FAQ - Designer - Designer CU Tag Filter Database Tables

Version 2



    How are Compatible Unit Tag Filters stored in the database?



    When a CU Filter is created in the CU Administration tool, a table is created in the geodatabase with the naming convention MM_CUTF_. This table contains the tags that are defined for this filter.


    Another table with the naming convention Cu_MM_CUTF_ is also created. This is a relationship table containing the relationship of a CU in MM_CU_LIBRARY to the tag in the Cu_MM_CUTF_ table.




    A filter named Transformers is created in the CU Administration tool and two tags are defined for it.


    Filter table: MM_CUTF_Transformers

    1Underground Single Phase1
    2Overhead Single Phase2


    Relationship table: Cu_MM_CUTF_Transformers



    In this example the CU with OBJECTID 796 in MM_CU_LIBRARY has the Underground Single Phase tag, and the CU with OBJECTID 692 in MM_CU_LIBRARY has the Overhead Single Phase tag.


    The tags are assigned in the CU Administration tool using these steps:

      1. Select the Assign Tags tab.
      2. Select the CU(s) from the Compatible Units list.
      3. Select the Filter from the Filter dropdown list.
      4. Check the tags to assign.
      5. Click Apply.