Solution - Network Adapter - Circuit Source Can't be Found After Upgrade to ArcFM 10.1

Version 6



    The following error message occurs when attempting to run a Network Adapter export for Windmil.

    MM49985 NA error.jpg

    "Circuit Source not found

    Make sure that a feature with a related circuit source is selected

    Make sure that the class export model name is assigned to the circuit source table

    and its related feature class

    Make sure that the 'SourcePath' entity in the DTD for

    C:\Program Files(x86)\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\Bin\Style Sheets\NetAdapterMspEAExport_Base.xsl

    is correct"

    The problem started to occur after upgrading to ArcFM 10.1.




    This issue may be related to the following bug, fixed in ArcFM 10.1.1/10.2.
    MM49985:  Network Adapter (for Windmil) fails to find circuit source in ArcFM 10.1.

    This bug is specific to SDE databases and does not occur when exporting from personal geodatabases.




    A patch is available for ArcFM 10.1.