Solution - Fiber Manager - Unable to Save Edits After Adding Fiber Manager Circuit

Version 5



    Edits cannot be saved if the only edit to take place is the creation of a new Fiber Manager Circuit.

    The following steps may be used to recreate the problem:


    1. Start an Editing Session.
    2. Select a Patchlocation or Fiberopticcable feature.
    3. Click the Circuit Manager icon located on the Fiber Manager toolbar.
    4. Enter a name for the new circuit.
    5. Click the Select button and choose a port or fiberstrand.
    6. Click Update to save the new Circuit and close the Circuit Manager dialog box.
    7. Attempt to save the edits.


    Expected Results


    The edit should be saved successfully.

    Actual Results


    The following error message is received:


    (Unable to save edits.)


    When attempting to save the edits again, an additional error message similar to the following appears:


    (Unable to save edits.  Function requires a state to be set for stream[DBO.F_FRONTSIDEPORT][STATE_ID=0])




    This error message may be related to a bug that was resolved in ArcFM 9.3.1. The bug manifests itself when there are no edits other then the creation of the Fiber Manager Circuit.




    Make an additional edit before saving the editing session.