FAQ - Designer - Spatial Extents for Design Stored Displays

Version 4



    How are spatial extents set for stored displays in Designer?




    Spatial extents for stored displays in Designer are derived from different sources depending on whether Design Stored Displays are being used.

    • If Design Stored Displays are being used, the spatial extent is saved with the Design Stored Display. The Design Stored Display is saved in the MM_STORED_DISPLAY table.
    • If Design Stored Displays are not being used the spatial extent is read from a row in MM_HIDDEN_PACKAGES. This row is created when the design is saved. In addition, if the Facility ID field is populated in the Location tab for the Design's Work Request (in Workflow Manager), ArcMap will create a Work Request polygon around the feature and zoom to it. In this case the MM_HIDDEN_PACKAGES entry is not used.