Solution - Fiber Manager - Buffertube and fiberstrand objects are out of order in the Fiber Trace Forms and ArcFM Attribute Editor

Version 4



    Buffertubes and/or fiberstrands appear out of order when viewed in the Fiber Trace Selector Form or Attribute Editor.

    buffer tube display name.jpg



    The appropriate Display Name Objects have not been assigned (i.e., 'Buffer Tube Namer' and 'Fiber Namer') to the Buffertube and Fiberstrand objects.




    Assign Display Name Objects to Buffertube and Fiberstrand through the ArcFM Properties Manager:

    1. Launch ArcCatalog and connect to the geodatabase.

    2. Right-click the Buffertube or Fiberstrand object class and select ArcFM Properties Manager.

    4. Click the Field Display tab.

    5. In the Display Name Object menu, assign Buffer Tube Namer or Fiber Namer.