Exchange retirement FAQ - ArcFM (GIS) Products

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    Exchange will soon be retired. The ArcFM Solution organization will be launching an entirely new community focused on simplicity and focused on you, the ArcFM Solution customer. The new community will feature open discussion forums, product ideation, and a new and improved support experience.


    The following document will be used to share details about the upcoming deprecation of exchange as it pertains to the ArcFM Solution. The document will be updated often so please either follow the document or check back regularly for updates.


    Q: When will exchange officially go offline?

    A: Currently exchange is scheduled to be taken offline the last week in June 2018.


    Q: Where will I go for services I use today after exchange goes offline?

    A: Exchange will be replaced with a new community built specifically for the ArcFM Solution customers and partners. The URL will be announced as we near go-live.


    Q: How can I obtain an account for the new site?

    A: Current exchange users will have accounts already migrated to the new system. Login information will be sent via email once the new site is ready.


    Q: What will happen to the Schneider Electric documentation that I use in exchange?

    A: Most content is currently being migrated to the new community and will be waiting for you. Content is being updated and vetted to ensure it is current and accurate to today's ArcFM Solution products.


    Q: What will happen to documents I created in exchange?

    A: We recommend backing up any documents you created as soon as possible. User created content, with the exception of Ideas, will not be automatically migrated.


    Q: What will happen to my support cases?

    A: Support case history will be migrated to the new community. This will include active cases as well as resolved/closed cases.


    Feel free to ask any questions by commenting on this document.