Exchange deprecation FAQ - SAGE RTU Products

Version 5
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    The following document will be used to share details about the upcoming deprecation of exchange as it pertains to the SAGE RTU products. The document will be updated often so please either follow the document or check back regularly for updates.


    Q: When will exchange officially go offline?

    A: Currently exchange is scheduled to be taken offline the last week in June 2018.


    Q: Where will I go for services I use today after exchange goes offline?

    A: Go to for the new Home of the SAGE Product line.  The new website will be more user friendly and make it easier to find the important information you need.


    Please leave a comment below with the features and content that is most important to you as a SAGE customer.  Is it Manuals and Firmware Downloads?  Monthly Security Updates?

    Let us know so we can be sure to include it in the new website when it goes live.


    Thank you,

    Chris Kerr