Exchange retirement FAQ - SmartGrid (eSCADA and ADMS) Products

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    On the last week of June 2018, the existing Exchange portal will be retired and no longer available for use.  The Schneider Electric's Smart Grid group is embarking on a transition to improve the Exchange Community portal and Case Management tool by partnering with SalesForce Service Cloud, as the chosen engine running underneath Exchange.


    Schneider Electric is working to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone.  Here are some bits of information to help you prepare for this transition.  This document will be updated often so please either follow the document or check back regularly for updates.


    Q:     Why are you doing this?

    A:     The goal of this transition is to improve the customer experience and provide an enhanced tool for reporting and tracking issues in Electric SCADA and ADMS products.  The functionality available to the Exchange Community will also continue evolving.


    Q:     Which users will be affected?

    A:     Every user currently in Exchange will be migrated to a new Community, which will be built specifically for the Scheider Electric product they use.


    Q:     What are the major changes I can expect?

    A:     The look and feel of the community will be changing but the content and functionality will be improved.


    Q:      When will Exchange officially go offline?

    A:      Currently, exchange is scheduled to be taken offline the last week in June 2018.


    Q:     When will the new Exchange be available?

    A:     The new Exchange is planned to go Live at the same time as the old Exchange goes offline, which is the last week of June.  The exact cutover date will be communicated in a future update.


    Q:      Where will I go for services I use today after Exchange goes offline?

    A:      A new URL, easier to type and remember, will be announced as we near go-live.  The original URL (that we all secretly hate) will remain active and will be redirected to the new URL.


    Q:     Will the name of the portal remain the same?

    A:     This transition will impact users differently.  For Electric SCADA and ADMS users, the new portal will also be called Exchange.


    Q:      What will happen to my support cases?

    A:      Support case history will be migrated to the new community. This will include active cases as well as resolved/closed cases.


    Q:     What changes can I expect when opening new Support cases?

    A:     The case reporting process will remain essentially the same from your perspective.  However, we are working on streamlining the process to improve the user experience.


    Q:     Will the Support team change?

    A:     The people you work with at Schneider Electric will remain the same.  Please be assured that throughout this transition the Smart Grid Support and Maintenance team will continue to provide you the support you need.


    Q:     Will Schneider Electric hold any training sessions for the new portal?

    A:     SE will provide remote training sessions in the week before and the week after the cutover.  The content and dates will be confirmed as we approach the GoLive date.


    Q:     Wll I be able to use my existing username and password to log into the new tool?

    A:     To facilitate the transition, existing Support users (case owners) will receive an email with a link to provide a new password.  Other Community users will have to register again.


    Q:     Will any unknown internet users be able to register into Exchange and see my or my Company's information?

    A:     No.  Strict security measures will continue to be implemented to gate the registration process and make sure that only Electric SCADA and ADMS users and administrators will have access to Exchange.  Additionally, all your Company's private information submitted through Support cases or attached documents will be secured and made available only to authorized users.


    Expect regular updates from us on our progress in implementing this new tool, including updates on new features and functionality, schedule for the transition, training plan, data conversion plan, transition plan, etc.


    For additional questions or concerns, please contact Ivan Antochiw