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    Announcing ArcFM Editor XI!


    The Utility Network is the single biggest change to the system of record in nearly two decades, and it requires reimagined infrastructure in order to maximize its productivity and efficiency improvements. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the release of ArcFM Editor XI, the world’s first Esri partner solution built on the Utility Network Management Extension!

    ArcFM Editor XI will extend the core Esri gas and electric utility network data models with unique, domain-specific ArcFM capabilities. It will provide increased productivity, data validation, and network analysis, along with enhanced and new editing tools for keeping asset and network data at its best.

    With increased automation and reduced editing times, ArcFM Editor XI makes a GIS editor’s work simpler, streamlined and faster while benefiting downstream systems that rely on the data.

    • The ArcFM Data Validation Assistant offers data quality control and error resolution, ensuring your system of record delivers data quality and integrity needed to enable GIS enterprise integrations.
    • Quick insights through advanced network intelligence, tracing and inquiry tools for both gas and electric networks.
    • A new ArcFM Visual Editing tool provides a more simplified workflow, improving overall editing efficiency for both electric and gas operable devices.
    • Customizable tasks and pre-configured maps for quick job sketching and commissioning.
    • A new ArcFM construction tool extends feature template editing by providing automatic phase attribute edits.
    • The ArcFM Data Model, extended from Esri’s utility network model, has been optimized for high fidelity data and phase based tracing.


    Start your transition to the Utility Network


    ArcFM Editor XI streamlines the Utility Network Management Extension’s editing requirements and enhances its editing framework with utility-specific workflows.  To experience this first hand, and to deepen your knowledge of ArcFM Editor XI and the Utility Network we offer a Building Your ArcFM XI Pilot program.  The program is designed to help utilities test their data, improve budget accuracy, and reduce risk as they migrate to the Utility Network Management Extension.  The program addresses the six key areas of your business that will be impacted by the move.


    The ArcFM XI Pilot Program includes the following:

    • End user training
    • ArcFM XI Technical review workshop
    • ArcFM XI Editor software
    • PIlot data migraion
    • Migration planning report
    • Final report


    To learn more about ArcFM Editor XI and the "Building Your ArcFM XI Pilot Program", join us for our June 6 webinar, “What’s New in ArcFM Editor XI.” We’ll go in depth to explain the new features and capabilities for ArcFM Editor XI, how it supports the transition to the Utility Network, and how it helps your organization transform to a digital utility.

    What’s New in ArcFM Editor XI
    Wednesday, June 6
    11:00 am MT


    Register here

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    ESRI%2BUC.png?a=1527684394022Join Schneider Electric at the Esri UC July 9-13!


    The Esri User Conference is the flagship event of the GIS industry. With more than 1,000 sessions and hundreds of hours of technical training, you’ll leave the event equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to work smarter.

    Join us at Esri UC to explore and test-drive new software solutions that are transforming the world by unlocking data’s full potential!

      • Network and collaborate with peers to learn best practices. Discover new, focused solutions that will help your organization unlock the full potential of data.
      • Connect with other power users to exchange workflows and workarounds, experience technical breakthroughs, and test-drive new solutions.
      • Uncover powerful innovations and get hands-on demos and training from Schneider Electric and Esri experts.


    ArcFM customers and partners are invited to join us for the Schneider Electric Presentation and Hosted Social on Sunday, July 8. Come see what’s new and exciting with the ArcFM Solution XI Series!

    Go here to learn more and register!


    Esri User Conference
    July 9-13, 2018
    San Diego, CA



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    white_sm.jpg?a=1527684455156Work faster and smarter with the ArcFM Web Power Series!


    ArcFM Web transforms how you design, develop and maintain your web mapping applications. But are you taking full advantage of it?

    That’s why we’ve put together the first-ever Power Series of webinars! We start with simple workflows and build in complexity throughout the series, and you’ll have time to practice on your own between webinars.

    Stetson Weddle provides in-depth demos, tips and tricks that will make your work faster and easier, as well as Q&A time to address your specific questions.

    See below for what's included in the ArcFM Web Power Series. You can view the recorded webinars and register for upcoming webinars.

      • Get Started with Simple Workflows!
        We’ll be creating and executing simple workflows in the ArcFM HTML5 viewer. Learn how to develop workflows and streamline business tasks!
        Watch now


      • Creating Workflows
        In this session, we’ll look at more challenging workflows! Building on our previous workflow, we’ll be enhancing the user experience using Workflow Activities.
        Watch now


      • Building Better Workflows!
        Building on session #2, we’ll take a closer, step by step look at how to build better workflows.
        Watch now


      • Introduction to Advanced Workflows!
        We’ll show you how to get going with the new Workflow 5 workflows, how to integrate with ArcGIS Online, create workflows with the new web-based design palette, and how to configure and execute them in the ArcFM HTML5 viewer.
        Watch Now


      • Level-Up with Advanced ArcFM Web Workflows 5!
        Tuesday, June 5, 11:00 AM MT
        Concentrating on Workflow 5, we’ll be recreating our last workflow completely within the Workflow 5 design palette.
        Register for the webinar


      • Getting more from Workflow 5
        Tuesday, July 24 | 11:00am MT
        In this final session of our ArcFM Web Power Series, we’ll be building on our Workflow 5 example and incorporating more complex processes: calling a workflow, populating form controls, and form events.
        Register for the webinar

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    protecting_sm.jpg?a=1527684442846Get the Check List: Top 5 Benefits of ArcFM Mobile


    You may know that ArcFM Mobile is our mobile GIS solution that delivers instant, intuitive access to asset network data for your entire workforce, no matter their location.

    But what does that mean in practice? What are the bottom-line benefits in the real world when it comes to closer collaboration, near real-time responsiveness and minimizing manual processes?

    We explain it all in our latest checklist: Top 5 Benefits of ArcFM Mobile.

    1. Extreme usability: Optimized asset viewing, identification, and search of assets gives users what they need with minimal interaction.
    2. Scalable offline maps: Rock-solid, fast and scalable offline capabilities unique in the market of Esri-based mobile GIS solutions.
    3. Accelerated workflows: Delivers a spatial understanding of work orders along with screaming-fast, Google-style searches against local data.
    4. Digital feedback: Fast, easy redlining without the need for a paper map or GIS editing skills.
    5. Network intelligence: For both gas and electric tracing, one click on the map gives you all relevant isolation information for safe work at that location.


    Get the full check list for a more specific look at each benefit and real-world examples that have saved utilities astounding amounts of time and money.

    Whether your workforce is large or small, ArcFM Mobile is the utility-scale mobile GIS that maximizes the value of your Esri and ArcFM investments.

    Get the checklist and more details here!


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    hurricane.jpg?a=1527684403157Vero Beach Electric and ArcFM and Hurricane Irma – Oh My!


    The City of Vero Beach Electric Utilities Department was hit hard by  Hurricane Irma in September 2017, to put it mildly: the storm interrupted  service to 99% of its nearly 36,000 customers and caused widespread damage to  assets throughout the service area.

    The operations team at Vero Beach Electric had prepared for the  approaching storm in many ways, and ArcFM Mobile and Responder were cornerstones  of the planned restoration efforts. Prior to Irma arriving, the utility  loaded ArcFM Mobile on 10 iPads and trained employees on how to enter critical  data during their patrols. As the storm hit, ArcFM Responder was pivotal in  managing the incident by notifying Vero Beach Electric as soon as feeders  started going out.

    After the storm, damage assessment and repair requirements were entered  on the iPads and the data was transmitted back to the dispatch office. To keep  customers informed on the progress of restoration efforts, Vero Beach Electric  used information from ArcFM Mobile and Responder to create customer-facing maps  that could be accessed via mobile phones and on Facebook.

    This timely and thorough field information also helped immensely with  FEMA reporting and determining federal assistance. Vero Beach Electric  described the FEMA paperwork as “simple” because nearly all of the requirements  could be downloaded from the field data onto a spreadsheet.

    Vero Beach Electric shared its full experience using ArcM Mobile and  Responder this year at Link 2018. Go  here to view the presentation!


      Watch now


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    Link2018_logo_FINAL2.png?a=1527684421706Link 2018: Get event videos, presentations and more!


    Link 2018 was about planning, preparing and acting. More than 300 of you joined us to plan and prepare for the industry’s unprecedented transformations – thank you! We hope the 58 sessions and wide-ranging tracks – including the Utility Network and ArcFM XI Series learning track – equipped you with the insights and tools to take action on the strategy for your utility’s transformation.


    Link is always about learning from each other, and this year was no exception. Keynote speaker Daniel Burrus, CEO of Burrus Research, brought us a compelling and innovative perspective on the future of technological change. Throughout the many networking opportunities and events, we made deeper connections among a diversity of friends, customers and peers.


    For those of you who couldn’t make it to Link 2018, we have you covered! The proceedings are now available on the Exchange



    Go there to get videos, photos and presentations from:

    • Opening Day events
    • Track: Getting the Most from your ArcFM Solution
    • Track: Preparing for the Utility Network with ArcFM XI
    • ArcFM Solutions in Action
    • ArcFM Solution Training


    Mark your calendars! We hope to see you all again next year!


    Link 2019
    Fort Collins, Colorado
    February 25-28, 2019


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    Tips and Tricks: New Process Framework Admin Tool Configuration Settings for Designer


    As an administrator, you may be able to improve your users' Designer experience by taking advantage of two new settings released in ArcFM 10.2.1d and ArcFM 10.2.1c, respectively. Let’s take a look at one of the settings…


    Design Summary Settings
    This setting is available in ArcFM 10.2.1d and above. Its tools send lists of your Work Locations and CUs to an Excel or HTML file.


    While these tools come with a sample stylesheet for each file format, you will likely want to change the style sheets to include your organization's colors, fonts, logo, etc. You can use the sample stylesheets as a starting point.

    Once you have built your stylesheets and stored them in a location accessible to your Designer users, you will need to show Designer where to find these files.

    In the Process Framework Admin Tool, Configuration tab, add the following settings:

    • DesignSummaryExcelStyleSheetPath: Set the value to the Excel stylesheet's path and filename.
    • DesignSummaryStyleSheetPath: Set the value to the HTML stylesheet's path and filename.


    The Design Summary also offers the capability to copy a single image file (e.g. a logo) to the user's Temp folder. To enable this copy function, in the Process Framework Admin Tool, Configuration tab, add one more setting:

    • DesignSummaryLogoPath: Set the value to the image file's path and filename.


    To see screenshots of these steps and get more details about the Design Summary Setting and the new Accelerate Sibling Search setting that makes designs open faster, go here to get the Tips and Tricks!


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