Announcing the ArcFM Solution 10.2.1d SP2 Release

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    Schneider Electric e-news      |      5/18/2018      |      Schneider Electric Website

    Announcing the ArcFM™ Solution 10.2.1d SP2 Release

    Schneider Electric is excited to introduce the 10.2.1d SP2 upgrade for the ArcFM Solution. We've added numerous important bug fixes to many ArcFM Solution applications, including:


    • ArcFM
    • ArcFM Server
    • Designer
    • Designer Express
    • Fiber Manager
    • Responder
    • Responder Integration Framework


    ArcFM Solution 10.2.1d SP2 has been certified against ArcGIS 10.2.1 and UTUP 8.


    ArcFM Solution 10.2.1d and SP2 are certified on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. Refer to the Supported Versions list in the GIS Support space in exchange for details.


    The installation files for version 10.2.1d SP2 are NOT complete installations. To install 10.2.1d SP2, you must have 10.2.1d installed. For complete descriptions of resolved problems, view the ReadMe file that corresponds with each product.


    All installers are available on exchange in the GIS Downloads group. If you haven't joined the exchange community, simply click Register to get started. You will need to request to join to the GIS Downloads group to access the 10.2.1d SP2 installers.

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