Solution - ArcFM - Attribute Editor Can Become Inactivated via Use of Template Favorites

Version 5



    Use of Template Favorites provides a convenient and efficient means to sketch new features. A workflow has been identified that can trigger inactivation of the ArcFM Attribute Editor when using templates involving the ArcFM Manual Angle Setter functionality. 

    Use of these templates in conjunction with subsequent editing of existing line features, such as conductors, can cause attribute information to become unavailable within the Attribute Editor. When this problem is encountered, missing information occurs within both the Targets and Selection tabs. In the image below for example, attribute information for the selected secondary conductor should appear within the lower window.  






    A couple of different situations trigger this issue. First, template favorites are in use that leverage the ArcFM Manual Angle Setter functionality. Second, these templates must be used in conjunction with specific editing steps to cause the unintended behavior.


    As an example, a template favorite could be set up and used to sketch a point feature on the map using the Manual Angle Setter (i.e., transformer). If an existing conductor is subsequently selected on the map and its vertices are edited, the Attribute Editor no longer displays attribute information for feature types listed within the Targets or Selection tabs.


    The issue has been observed in ArcFM versions 10.2.1a SP1, 10.2.1b, 10.2.1c, and 10.2.1d.




    The reported issue CLS-65581 has been resolved in 10.2.1c SP3 and 10.2.1d SP2. If using one of the effected versions and the issue is regularly encountered, a few workaround possibilities exist. Identify the template(s) triggering the inactivation. Either update the template so that the Manual Angle Setter option is not used or avoid editing existing features, such as conductors, following use of the template.


    If the issue does occur, perform the following to reenable the Attribute Editor:

      1. Close and reopen ArcFM.
      2. Create and begin a new edit session.
      3. Access the ArcFM Attribute Editor and verify that normal functionality is restored.