What's New in ArcFM Editor 11.0

Version 7

    What's New in ArcFM Editor 11.0


    This page outlines what's new in the current release. If you are upgrading from more than one release prior, it is important to review all What's New pages for each release between your original release and the release to which you are upgrading.


    ArcFM Editor:


    • ArcFM Validation Assistant - Built to enhance the utility network validation framework, it provides the user with the information required to fix the topological data error. While topology does not have to be enabled on the utility network for the assistant to operate, it aids in the overall QA/QA process of maintaining a hi-fidelity system of record both while migrating or maintaining.
    • ArcFM Visual Editing - Quick updates (Open/Close) for operable devices such as valves, switches and/or fuses through the Component Info Tool
    • ArcFM Construction Tool - Auto Phase assign to complex feature templates to aid in the creation of phase specific features. The tool is knowledgeable of surrounding features with a phase and optimizes the tool for easy feature placement.
    • ArcFM Network Management - Both an inquiry and search tool for easy access to your circuits/feeders and pressure zones. It can highlight, find a source, zoom and provide statistics of the feeder/circuit or pressure zone.
    • ArcFM Electric & Gas Tracing - Downstream, upstream and protective device tracing for electric networks. Full distribution & isolation tracing for gas networks.




    All the configuration within configuration file is documented here.

    • Tier Utilization - Tiers will vary from organization to organization. The ArcFM Editor 11.0 configuration allows for different tiers.
    • Phase Designation - The designation of phase can be configured to be reflected within ArcFM Editor 11.0. (Ex. XYZ)



    ArcFM Asset Packages:


    All our asset packages are located here.

    • Electric Distribution - The electric distribution utility network packaged within a file geodatabase. This includes sample data (Minerville).
    • Gas Distribution - The gas distribution utility network packaged within a file geodatabase. This includes sample data (Minerville).