Solution - ArcFM - Stored Display Map Does Not Draw

Version 4



    When successfully opening a Stored Display, it is possible that no map gets drawn or certain layers of a map do not draw. The Table of Contents pane shows a checkbox with a red exclamation point next to the problem feature layers.





    This can happen when ArcMap or ArcFM cannot find the data for the map layers. When a map or Stored Display is opened in an ArcFM project, the software looks for the data referenced by each of the layers in this map view. When a data source cannot be found for a particular layer, that layer is not drawn on the map and its broken status is indicated with a red exclamation point in the ToC pane. This most frequently happens when the geodatabase has been moved or altered, and the pointers in ArcMap and ArcFM become outdated as they are pointing to the data through an incorrect or non-existent path.





    To resolve this, the pointers in ArcFM and ArcMap need to be updated. This can be done by changing the user's relative paths or by changing all of the pointers in the database.


    To repair this on a per-user basis:

    1. Right-click one of the feature class layers with an exclamation point and select Data > Repair Broken Data Source.
    2. Use the Data Source file navigator window to navigate to and select the file associated with that feature.
    3. Click the Add button.


    Once these data pointers have been repaired, the Stored Display can be saved to have it remember the new settings.


    These pointers can also be directed correctly with the Data Source Wizard, often referred to as the Swizzle Tool, which edits the database and rewrites these pointers. More information about using this tool can be found here: