FAQ - Designer - Confirming CU Location within the Design Tree

Version 2



    I recently added a number of CUs to a design. After running the tool, when I access the Design tab of the ArcFM Attribute Editor, I can't seem to find the CUs within the Design tree. I can view the sketched CUs on the map, but wondered if there was a way to confirm whether these exist in the Design tree and determine where they are located.




    The Reverse Highlight option can be used to find out where one or more sketched CUs reside within the Design tree.

    1. Select one or more of the sketched CUs on the map.
    2. Open Attribute Editor and access the Design tab.
    3. Right-click within the design tree (e.g., WR or Design level), and choose the Reverse Highlight option within the menu.


    Each CU that was selected on the map is highlighted within the tree for easy identification.