Solution - ArcFM - Hidden Favorites Editor Dialog

Version 4



    ArcFM Feature Favorites (and CU Favorites, if using Designer) provide users with a convenient and quick method to sketch new features on the map. System and user-defined favorites can be created and modified to meet users' needs.


    If a change is required to a feature favorite, a right-click option is available to access the Edit Favorite dialog. (For System favorites, this is dependent upon user privileges). In certain situations, the Edit Favorite dialog may not appear on the user’s display screen.




    This behavior can be triggered by a number of actions, such as the changing of the workstation’s display resolution or the alteration of the number of display monitors. The defined location settings for the dialog cause the Edit Favorite window to appear off screen.




    A registry setting exists that can be deleted to resolve the issue. Verify that ArcMap is closed, then open the registry and proceed to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software>Miner and Miner>ArcFM8>Favorites Editor. You can select the Favorites Editor folder to view the current location settings.


    Right-click the Favorites Editor folder and select Delete.


    Open ArcFM, begin an edit session, and access the Edit Favorites dialog. The registry key is recreated, and the Favorites Editor reappears within the computer’s screen display.