How-to - Cause ArcFM to Create a Log File for Each User

Version 4



    It is often helpful to have a record of events that occur for each ArcFM user on a given workstation. The username or other parameters can be included in the Miner event log, as described in this document:


    However, it is sometimes more useful to create a separate log for each user, which requires a small change to the miner.log4net.config file, (default location C:\Program Files (x86)ArcGIS\Desktop10.2\bin\miner.log4net.config).


    In that file, locate the following line:

    <param name="File" value="C:\temp\miner.log"/>


    And change it to:

    <param name="File" value="C:\temp\${USERNAME}.log"/>


    This prompts ArcFM to create a log file using the USERNAME environmental variable from Windows.


    Important Notes